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Feb 19, 2009
06:27 PM
This cartoon is not racist, some people try to find racism where it doesn't exist. The critics say that the Chimpanzee represents president Obama but that can't be because Obama didn't WRITE the stimulus bill. The cartoon implies that those who did are as dumb as a chimpanzee. Had the cartoon said "They'll have to find someone else to SIGN the next stimulus bill" then I could see where the chimpanzee could represent Obama. The critics are overly paranoid, plain and simple.
Patricio Bridges, Newton%2C NC%2E
Feb 19, 2009
06:55 PM
come on patricio, lets not pretend to be ignorant and at least act like you have a high school education,,lol its very plain to see and out right. there isnt any reason for this. and also OBAMA has done the research and has written the stimulus and signed it. i state please know what your talking about before making stupid comments ppl. and as a professional african american woman, im offended behind this. its sad and its alot of hate going on in this....
meka, richmond
Feb 19, 2009
07:17 PM
I feel like we have this thing called freedom of speech right? So why can't this cartoonist express himself? Yeah we all have a right to an opinion, but why are we trying to go as far as protesting? I feel like it's just a cartoon and it means nothing. If this man wants to be ignorant and draw somthing like this, then God bless him and show him the way. I think that we as black people need to get over it and keep living our lives. We knew it was going to happen, we just need to grow a stuff skin
L%2E Hicks, st%2E louis
Feb 19, 2009
07:21 PM
I can't imagine that such a politically insensitive cartoon made it past the editors. Most people reading the Post won't split hairs and differentiate between "signing" and "writing" particularly considering that most of us assume that our president had more than a slight hand in the stimulus package as it was written and finally presented for his signature. Hummmm...the Post really dropped the ball on this one.
suzi, lyme
Feb 19, 2009
08:25 PM
Yeah OK're educated and I'm pretending to be ignorant. You know for a fact that the cartoonist intent was of a racist nature. I'm sorry but unlike you I cannot read a person's mind or know what is in a person's heart. For someone who is insulted by a cartoon you seem to be pretty free at throwing insults at others. Some would call that hypocrisy.
Patricio Bridges, Newton%2C NC%2E
Feb 19, 2009
08:58 PM
I find the cartoon to be very offensive,its really time for Change in America , Obama is doing his best to make this change happen but again people he can't do it alone it takes each of us to play a role, and taking these type of steps does not make the Ecomony any better does not make America any better, the News papers and Media plays a very important role in the World, lets stop the hate and make America a respectful and Blessed country.
donald brown, washington
Feb 19, 2009
09:07 PM
I am appalled at the cartoon in the post of the police shooting the chimp. Your paper is inciting violence against our commander in chief as well as promoting the derogatory stereotype that has been pervasive in this country. It wasn't so long ago that African Americans were openly attacked and killed by those in authority. We refuse to go back. It is a new day. Get with the program. This type of thinking and behavior will not be tolerated by the citizens of this country.
Charlene D%2E McAdoo, Grand Prairie
Feb 19, 2009
09:28 PM
Shame on the New York Post! I don't (and never will) subscribe to this rag. If I did I would cancel it. Who ever advertises in this paper should be boycotted.
Patrick stanley, Clearwater
Feb 19, 2009
09:31 PM
This entire discourse is ridiculous! Obama didn't even write the stimulus bill! Now if the cartoon had said "they'll have to find someone else to SIGN the next stimulus bill" you would have a legit gripe. This is a knock on Congress being a bunch of monkeys with our money. The fact that this has been blown into a racist remark is what you should be appalled at. If you don't like right leaning bias DON'T READ THE NY POST! You don't see me bitching about the cartoons in the New York Times.
Anony Mouse, San Diego
Feb 19, 2009
09:38 PM
The idea that stating that Obama not writing the stimulus is splitting hairs is equally as ridiculous. This cartoonist, who's entire career is based upon satire of the political process, should have to take into account that 95% of the US population is ignorant as to the very political process he aims to parody? No that is appalling.
Anony Mouse, San Diego
Feb 19, 2009
09:42 PM
This is ridiculous! And, I can't believe that African Americans are still having to deal with this type of insensitivity. We have made every attempt to let go of our hurtful past, but it's groups like this that just won't let it be so. Sure, it's freedom of speech, but at what cost. Was it really necessary to use a chimp in the ad. That speaks volumes to every AA. So, you can stick your heads in the sand if you wish. We have developed tough skin, and we will continue to prosper and be successful, despite how many of you may feel.
Ms%2E W%2EW%2E, San Antonio
Feb 19, 2009
11:23 PM
Can we all calm down and be respectful to each other.
Idcams iebgener, rochester
Feb 19, 2009
11:25 PM
Where is the outrage when Collin Power was refer to as uncle Tom ?
Where is the outrage when Condi Rice was refer to as Aunt Jemima ?
Where is the outrage when Clarence Thomas was referred to uncle tom ?
Where is the outrage when Michael Steel was referred to as oriole cookie. ?
Idcams iebgener, rochester
Feb 19, 2009
11:37 PM
Ya know...even if the post allegedly did not mean to imply any sort of racial slur in the cartoon they should be well educated enough to be able to consider the unfortunate pre-existing negative connotation that comes with the territory and furthermore 'watch their step' or at the very least: man up and accept the consequences.
Bryan VanGelder, New York
Feb 20, 2009
12:33 AM
George Orwell said "Freedom is the freedom to say '2 + 2 = 4.'" it is also the freedom to be a horse's ass. I am thankful that we have a free press, because free expression makes ignorance so clear.It is also a shame that our press is so "bold" when it comes to petty, ignorant insults, and so self-censoring when it comes to issues that really matter, like holding the president't feet to the fire when he is about to mass-murder 5 million Iraqis and make more than 5 million homeless.What a shame.
Jeremy, Huntington Beach
Feb 22, 2009
05:20 AM
This cartoon is hilarious and all those dumb nigs who didn't get the joke should stop making a big deal about it. Thank you
cory, columbus
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